All the freshness of Greek land, on your table!

Every day the series of frozen vegetables “Spora Dialechti” brings to your table all the freshness of the Greek land, offering healthy, juicy and delicious vegetables ready for the pot or the oven.

The vegetables are selected one by one through a process of strict quality controls and are frozen immediately after harvest, thus preserving the taste, color and all their nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Their harvest is always at the ideal stage and their preservation at a constant temperature guarantee that the vegetables of “Spora Dislechti” have every time the desired freshness and tender flesh, giving color and flavor to your daily meal.

Mixed vegetablesΑνάμικτα-Λαχανικά.jpg


Okra Νο.1Μπάμιες-Νο.1.jpg


Wide beansΦασολάκια-Πλατιά.jpg

Green BeanΦασολάκια-Στρογγυλά.jpg